Multiple parallel transitions in a workflow state

I need to be able to set-up more than one request transition action with the condition "All members of".

Please consider this as a new functionality in AODocs tool.



  • Hi Radoslaw,

    Thank you for your contribution. Would you be able to share your use case?

    Keeping in mind your request, it would mean that on a single state, the different parallel transitions would be racing against each other: whichever is completed first would trigger its transition.

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  • Hi Thibault, 

    Use case: There are 2 teams responsible for document processing - Approvers  and Alternative approvers (ie. to bypass the first team). To pass request/document to the next status all Approvers or all Alternative approvers have to hit approve button. 

    I know that it can lead to some issues in real life (ie. If 2 out of 3 Approvers approved and 1 out of 3 Alternative approvers approved as well, document wouldn't trigger to the next status) However it would be great if such transition setup was possible in AODocs.

    I'm completely aware of this race you mentioned as between transitions exists logic statement "or"



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