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It would be great if the Docusign integration allowed for more visibility in the process and other options, without having to go into Docusign itself. Currently, in our case, we send a customer a document for signature through Docusign, then it gets sent to an employee here for countersignature, then set to Complete. The most important enhancements I would love to see in the future are:

1. Resend option: We are facing an issue where some customers are requesting us to resend the document. It would be great if there was an option to "resend" the envelope without having to go into Docusign and find it.

2. Detailed updates: It would be great if there was more visibility in the signature process. i.e. if the "sign status" field showed more detailed things and/or the most recent update, such as if the first signature has been completed, if the first signer has viewed it, etc. As an admin of this, I would love to be able to easily pull an export with this field and quickly identify if there are any documents which were signed by our customer but not by us, if there are any documents which the customer viewed but did not sign, if the customer's email auto-responded with an out of office email, etc.

3. Customize Docusign email: Some of our employees need to include a message with the Docusign email envelope, to provide a phone number, more information, an introduction, etc. It would be great if there was an option to customize the email to make it less generic looking. 

Thank you!



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  • Hi

    This Resend Option option for Docusign will be an improvement

    With Regards to the Docusign Integrator

    Can we have a reminder option built in to Notify the signer that his signature is required on a document or can this be done via script?

    Can we also have the option to edit the default Reminder Email Notification

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