Display missing required fields in a workflow

When you are in a state in a workflow where it cannot continue, because there are required fields, those fields should be visible, even if they have no data, when you are in view mode.  It is confusing to the user to see an error that there are required fields, but not be able to see the fields until they click edit.



  • Thank you for your post on the community. Indeed currently, when a user consults a document in view mode and some properties do not have values, the properties are hidden. They are only displayed when the document is opened in edit mode.

    Does your use case have a situation where a document approver doesn't have edit access to the document? She/he would therefore be blocked from executing the workflow action.

    If not, would you have the property displayed (possibly in red or orange to indicate a warning) with a "no_value" or "missing value" tag?

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  • No, the person has edit rights.   It just seems like it would be a clearer visual to see the fields that are required.

    As it is now, the person goes into the AODocs Document Management library with the purpose of moving the workflow forward.  They see the message of:

    "Workflow action is prevented for now. "
    If they then also notice the "More Details" on the right, and click that to see the text that indicates the missing fields.
    It feel like it would be clearer if they go into the record, see the red message, and then also see right away, the fields are missing - yes - I think with the tags you describe, would be much clearer.
    In some instances, these fields have only become required and/or visible at this stage of the workflow, so the user may not be at all expecting to see the fields from previous interactions.
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