warning, when using a role as a validation role, and a user in the role does not have permission on the library

I think AODocs should not allow me to get into this situation:

I have a role where I added a user into that role.  I did not realize that the user did not have permissions on the library.

I used the role as a validation role in a workflow.

When we exercised the workflow, this user did not get an email, since they had no permissions to the library.  I only noticed this because I was monitoring the audit log. 

It would have been nice to have been alerted somewhere in this process that I had made an error, rather than just silently failing.



  • This would be GREAT! 

    There are quite a few areas in AODocs that have this issue. Permissions and roles in AODocs is a nightmare to manage. There are no alerts for conflicting or missing permissions, if you configure a role or add a user and it doesn't have adequate permissions at the class, workflow, or library level.. etc

    This, coupled with the lack of an "emulate user" feature means that we spend a lot of time reviewing audit logs and troubleshooting with end users, requiring extra time investment from end users on top of that spent by the admin group.



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