hidden fields should not be stripped in workflow notifications

I have hidden fields that I populate via a script and there is no need for a user to interact with that information via the AODocs UI.  However, it is information that I need specifically for an email to that user,  to facilitate linking to a document or some other reference.

However, it seems I cannot both have it as a hidden field, and use it in a notification to that user.



  • Thank you for your contribution on our community.

    We would like to know more about your use case where you have hidden fields on the document that should actually be sent by email to the users. Can you please give us more details, possibly with examples? Our product team was very interested in this unusual configuration.

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  • Here is my use case.  I have several fields I am only populating for the purpose of showing them on in the email.  One field is getting the name from a person field, and not just showing the email. If I am correct, the only way I could show the full name, and not just the email, was to create a second field that is populated via a script using the ContactService, and then include that second field in the email.  I have no purpose to show the field, since when viewing the AODocs entry, the name shows for the person field, but I don't think I can replicate that in the text of the email.

    The second was to include a link to a document in an email. I have a pdf copy of a document that I generate with the sole purpose of making that pdf available in the email. Via script I create the document and store the url in a field.  I then use that field in the email.  I have no reason to show the url outside of using it in that email.

    I also have a situation where I have a step in a workflow that is a user action, and then the workflow moves through a few stages that are property field driven and then reach another stage where I want the comment the person added in the user action in this stage farther down the pike. So, I capture the comment in the first user action step, and then just only want that field for the purpose of including in a notification further down.  Again, I have no reason to show the entry in the class other than the use in an email.

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