How to insert an image in a workflow email using Google Drive as a repository?

I recently had the question of how to insert images into the email notifications of your workflow.

If you do not know what I'm talking about, first check this article that covers the basics:

When you're familiar with this, you can set your Notification's email content to:
Email template > "Customized email"

Now to the tip of this article.

This is actually a technique that can be used to embed any image stored in Google Drive to an HTML page, but in our case, the HTML page is our email template.

1. Have you image ready in Google Drive (upload it there if necessary)

2. Share your image in "Anyone with the Link" (If your G Suite domain does not allow you that, you can not go ahead).

3. Retrieve the ID of the Google Drive file:
- Right click on the image
- Select Get Shareable link

- The link is copied to your clipboard with this format:<FILE_ID>

- Retrieve its unique FILE_ID

4. Create a download URL for this file using this format and replacing the FILE_ID with the one of your image (and copy it for step 7):

5. In your Notification email, select the section where you want to insert your image

6. Click on Insert/edit image

7. Insert the Download URL you created at step 4 into the Source

8. Your image is successfully inserted in the email while being hosted in Google Drive. Congrats!

Optionally, you can perform the same from the HTML source code, where you can completely customize the HTML of the email that is being sent by the AODocs workflow. Select Tools > Source Code




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  • Hi Thibault, 

    Awesome recommendations; thank you for taking the time to create the post/use case. Looking forward to sharing with my team.  

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