• This functionality is fundamental. Relationships are almost useless unless they can be established with common identifiers / properties.  

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  • Hi Max and Arlette, 

    We would be interested in knowing both of your use cases, if you don't mind detailing them here.

    Additionally, if your situation is to automatically have a relation created between 2 documents that share the same value in 2 properties, this can be achieved by Custom Script using an Update action.

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  • Hi Thibault.

    Yes, I am managing that now via a custom script.  Just always prefer not to go that route when possible, as it is harder for the end user to manage.  It would be nicer if it was buildable via the UI. The relationship piece of AODocs is so flexible, I find it extremely useful.  

    A few use cases:

    - importing an email into AODocs.  It would be great to be able to associate the email to a "parent" record by tagging the email with a specific property. I could see two entities sharing a common category field, and when the values are the same, the email would automatically be associated with that record.  For example, we are tracking Grants and all the emails related to that grant.  We are also tracking incidents, and need to associate all the emails with that incident. Using the smartbar has limited use, when you cannot easily associate it with the parent item.

    - another use case is reference documents related to that grant.  It would be nice if in the relationship it automatically listed all the documents that share the same agency

    On a slight tangent, being able to show a view that combines fields from related items across classes would be very helpful as well.

    Let me know if I can provide any more details.  Thanks for asking!

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