library export to document library - convert folders to meta data

It would be great if we could have an option, when exporting from a secured or team folder library to a document management library, to convert the folder data to meta data. 

I could see this use case.  Secured folder library has folder structure. Library used for small piece of a larger process. At some point, the documents are exported from the secured folder library to the document management library. Over time, the folder structure changes or names change. Hence, if the data was stored as meta data in the document library those changes could be migrated more easily or a second meta data category created to support the new folder structure.  In this way, you could have the convenience of a folder structure for part of the process, but then not be locked into that when storing the documents over a longer period of time.  Also, it seems like the with document management library, folders do not fit as easily.




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