Pre-release announcement: AODocs V50

Dear AODocs Users,

We’re pleased to announce that AODocs version 50 is planned to be released soon (April 2019).

Please find the list of changes and features that will impact the end-user and administrator experience.

This post is a preliminary, non-exhaustive list of the features launching with AODocs version 50. The actual features and updates in the final release may differ from the ones listed below. Subscribe to our Announcement List to receive our Release Notes.


Changes for end-users

Improvements to the AODocs homepage

Filters on libraries

The filters to display the different library types and your favorite libraries have been moved to a new panel on the right side of the homepage. A new filter on workflow tasks allows you to display only libraries for which you have pending workflow tasks.  

Reorganized actions on library cards

The icons on the library cards have been reorganized. The Manage library permissions option has been grouped with other administration settings, which are available when you press the settings icon.

On the library cards, you can see the libraries in which you have have pending workflow tasks and, for each library, the number of workflow tasks.

Access Job details pages

Some actions triggered in AODocs launch a job, which may take more than a few seconds to complete.

With the new release, informed users can follow the progress of the job and identify any issues that occur during the run. The information is still quite technical, but you can get an idea of how many tasks remain, rather than having to wait until the job is completed.

Changes for administrators

Define a default folder in document templates

In the library administration, you can manage document templates by adding properties and attachments. In Release 50 we’re extending the template configuration by making it possible to configure a default folder for documents created from the template.

When end-users create a document from a template with a default folder defined, the document is pre-assigned to (or created in) the folder, depending on the flow – see below details of the future changes to the document creation flow.

Filter documents from the list of workflow tasks

Currently, documents with one or more workflow tasks are displayed in the list of tasks, which is accessible from the library homepage.  

You can hide an entire workflow state from the list of workflow tasks. Learn more: Configure workflow states. 

In AODocs Release 50 you can also choose not to display documents in the list of workflow tasks, based on the actions they trigger. For example, you can choose not to display documents with the Escalate action available. This way, users who have only the Escalate action available in some documents can focus instead on documents that require their attention.

Note: The action is hidden only from the workflow section in the library homepage and the list of workflow tasks. Users still receive email notifications.

Extended export capabilities

When you export documents, you’ll be able to select their document class in the target library.

You’ll also be able to move documents to another document class within the same library, by selecting the current library as the target library.

It’s optional to select the destination class when exporting to a different library, but mandatory when you select the current library as the target library.

The library picker has also been improved to help you easily find the libraries you use most. Your favorites libraries are displayed at the top of the list.  

Note: This feature is available for documents only and not for folders.

Select the library you want to export to

Select a document class  

Revamped pop-up to configure workflow emails

The pop-up to configure the email notifications to send when documents enter a workflow state has been entirely revamped. The two options are available in the left panel:

  • Action email: view the list of recipients and edit the content of the email
  • Notification email: add or remove recipients and edit the content of the email

Display the reason documents were deleted in the library trash

The reason, if given when a document was deleted, is now displayed in the library trash.

Changes for super administrators

List of expired licensed users

Since release 49, if you manually remove users from the list of licensed users, they are no longer considered to be AODocs users. They therefore can’t log back in and consume a new user license for 6 months.

In release 50, these users are listed in a new tab. This allows you to check which users no longer have a license. The Expired until column indicates when you can reallocate these users a license.

Filters on storage accounts

New filters make it easier to find specific storage accounts.

You can enter:

  • the partial or full name (email) of a storage account
  • a range of values to filter by number of libraries, documents and attachments

If required, refine your results by combining several filter criteria.

Coming next

Several features are brewing, which we're hoping to release globally in the coming months.

Revamped document creation flow

We’re reworking the document creation flow, especially for Team Folders and Secured Folders. 

We’re revamping the menu that opens when you press the New button, to greatly improve the user experience:

  • the items will be grouped by document class when several templates are defined in a class
  • a search bar allows you to search among the available choices
  • there’s a separate button to create related documents

We’re also planning on introducing a new option which is functionally similar to:

  • Duplicate a document, where the document is entirely cloned


  • Create a document from a document template, where parts of the configuration are predefined

The new option prepares a copy of the current document (it’s available only from the New button on the document page), just like when you create a document from a template.

The user can customize the copied document (if they have the right to) before actually saving it.

Creating a new document from the document page

Workflow reminders

We are aware of how complex it is to implement a logic of reminders within a workflow to make sure collaborators are reminded of their ongoing workflow tasks. 

That’s why in 2019 we plan to provide library administrators with a flexible mechanism to send regular action emails to users involved in workflow transitions. 

More revamped screens

We have two main aims when we revamp screens:

  • improve usability and consistency between screens
  • introduce new features and expose hidden features

The next big revamp is the the document class configuration screen!




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