UFO: Allow for "Save-As" to go directly to Google Drive as a different file

Our users are bringing up MS Office, PDF, and other files on Google Drive in their native PC applications using the UFO, and it works great.  They can edit the file, click "Save", and everything works as expected.

But when they are editing the file and suddenly decide that they want to save the updated file as a new file - not simply to overwrite the existing file - the "Save As" function brings up the standard Windows Explorer / File Picker interface, and defaults to an obscure AODocs Sync sub-sub-folder somewhere on the local drive.  This is confusing to most users, and it's a big undertaking to explain that they need to re-direct the Save-As to their Desktop (or some easily accessible local location) and then upload the new version back to the proper Google Drive folder.  Indeed, most of them miss this altogether, and then close the file and think none of their changes got saved!  (And even if they do understand what happened and where the new file is, it doesn't leave a good impression of AODocs' functionality and usability.)  And we also understand that they could "Make a Copy" of the file - in Google Drive - BEFORE editing the file.  But that doesn't address the use case of when they change their mind in the middle of editing and decide NOT to overwrite the original.

Can you update your Windows Sync client to intercept the "Save-As" function - much like you do the "Save" function - provide a new name, and then save the new file back to the original Google Drive folder?

This would make a lot of our users feel a lot better about this otherwise awesome tool.

Thanks very much for all the great work, and being so responsive to your user base.



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  • I cannot stress enough a way to make this more usable.  I just had a user working on a proposal late into the night, come into work the next day, and discover it was still on the hard drive of her home computer, and have to drive back home and get it.  It is not at all intuitive that when you do a "save as", that this is not going to also sync up to Google Drive.

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