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It would be great to be able to build a view across related documents, so that you can search for all documents that are related to a search criteria of the "parent" document.

I currently accomplish this by adding hidden fields on the "child" document, and keep them in sync via a script.  

Another way I thought perhaps this could be done, would be to have a "calculated field" type.  This field could have a formula that would pull in the value of a field from its "parent" document.  Hence, it would be less script dependent and more dynamic.



  • I spent tons of time trying to figure out this exact thing, as I was under the impression that this was already possible with relations..
    This feature would be a huge improvement for us as well

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  • Yes, we also want to be able to show in a view the details of a document, plus a list of related documents. The context for us is a policy, with related procedures/SOPs. We want to be able to have which lists all the policies, with their related SOPs.

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  • @Arlette Slachmuylder,

    How do you script to sync the child's hidden field?  I have problem trying to sync child's filed whenever the parent field is updated.  Appreciate if you can share the script and where is it applied (on Parent doc update)?

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