Navigate list of documents - improvements needed

Dear AODocs team,

Navigating a long list of documents is very cumbersome in AODocs.

In order to improve the user experience I suggest the following changes.


Here a screen shot of the navigation buttons at the bottom of a list.

  1. There is no button to jump to the end of the list!! This is a must to be added.

  2. AODocs doesn't give the exact number of documents in the list. That could be 101 documents or 1,000,000 documents. AODocs should give the exact number of documents in the selection.

  3. Having the option to opt out of the "Page View" and select a "List View" where all documents are listed to the end.

  4. If no "List View" can be arranged then a "number field" should be added to the navigator to allow to "jump" to a document in the "middle", in the sense of  "Go To Document 2,000 in the list".


All these features are usually a given in document management systems and it is quite a shock that AODocs is missing these basic features.

Thanks a lot for your support.

Best regards,




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