Make the title optional

I have document classes where I would like just a date as property, no title (cause the title would be the same for all documents), and an attachment.

I would like the title to be optional in that case.

A document class should have minimum one property to be saved, and the first property entered could be used in the display (in place of the title if there is no title).



  • The document templates allow you to define a default title for the document of your class. Since your use case is that "the title would be the same for all documents", it sounds like a good fit. We don't provide natively the possibility to replace the document title by one of its metadata value.

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  • It is not a very suitable solution:

    • let's say I have a document class of employees, with properties being first name, last name, contact number, etc ... I don't really need a title. I could generate one from first name + last name in CS, but again, this is another workaround, and it will be an additional column in view that I don't need really but that I will have to include otherwise people will not be able to open the document
    • having the same title for several documents is an issue currently with the bulk uploader that is using document title as unique ID for some reason
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