• Thanks for your input in the community. We were wondering how you use the custom script in your context that would have you duplicate them.

    The custom script parameters natively allow you to have configurable variables that allow you to customize the value of certain parameters depending on where in your library you are using the custom script.

    For example, if you have a naming convention that works the same across 2 document classes, you can use the same custom script but with different parameters in each class.

    If the parameters do not work for you, what do you use the custom script for?

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  • Well, here is a very simple example of what this is needed for. As custom script can be a bit delicate and generate error while setting up (in particular the editor is not really helping find typos - other editors typically have colors / tabulations), I usually create them in a test library. Then I need to copy the script to my live library. But this can't easily be copied as you need to copy the action, the parameters, the library, the code ... takes time and is prone to errors.

    Another example is re-using a script to develop a similar script within the same library, but not exactly the same. Even with two different classes, there might be a different number of parameters (eg if I want to log properties in a spreadsheet, I will have different number of parameters for each class).

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