Bulk update options

We have come across several road blocks when doing bulk updates

  1. Using the bulk updater on a view is limited to around 4000 records.
  2. Using the bulk updater on the library itself has a 10 minute run limit which in the example we ran it was about 17,000 records. This option doesn't have much for filtering options.

In this example we needed to update several category fields of most records in a library that was imported from another platform. The library had over 100,000 records. In this example we created a view based on one category and just exported and updated the whole library 4000 records at a time.

Another scenario which is almost the opposite. We would have a view/query that needed some category updates where there were only 10/15 records. Our only options to update these records are to do them individually or to use the bulk updater process. A more efficient way to do this for this small number of records might be a bulk update option for category values right in the view itself. 




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