Workflow email variable to show previous transitions

It would be great to have a variable that could be used in workflow emails that shows the transition history of completed workflow steps, as can be found on the Properties page.



  • In fact, I'd like to add to that and include the ability to insert all transition comments as well as the transitions themselves. 

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  • Thanks for the feedback Amy!

    We would like to better understand what is your use case. Depending on the lifecycle of the document, the transition history might be very long, and displaying it in an email could be overwhelming.

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  • Thanks for the interest, Thibault. I suppose that's true, but ours would never be prohibitively long. Would it be possible to create a link to a transition history? I know that going to the Properties page displays it if you know where to look, but not all users do.

    Users rarely remember what the workflow is, especially their place in it. To be able to see who has already approved things would be quite helpful.

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