Pre-Release Announcement: AODocs V48

Dear AODocs users,

We’re pleased to announce that AODocs version 48 is planned to be released soon (August 2018).

Please find below the list of changes and features that will impact the end-user and administrator experience.

This post is a preliminary, non-exhaustive list of the features launching with AODocs version 48. The actual features and updates in the final release may differ from the ones listed below. Subscribe to our Announcement List to receive our Release Notes.

Changes to end-user interfaces

For end-users

Related items

Similarly to what was done for Document Management libraries in AODocs V47, contributors will be able to create a related item (as a blank document or using a document template, and with or without an attachment) directly from the Relation section in Secured Folder libraries.

Category values

We’ve completely visually revamped the way users select category values, for improved usability and to prepare for future graphical improvements. If the category is set as dynamic, users can create a new value at any of the defined levels in the category tree.

Below the category hierarchy in Release 47:

Below the category hierarchy in Release 48:

Below category selection in Release 48:


Users can select a folder when creating a document. They no longer have to create the document and then move it.

The folder selection pop-up provides a simple filter on the folders displayed.

Right side panel

There is now a toggle button to show/hide the Comments and Transitions tabs. The toggle is available in the Properties panel and now also in attachment panels.

In the Transitions tab, all viewers can see the status of current parallel transitions (where at least one person has validated the transition). Previously, only the detailed status of complete parallel transitions was available (introduced in AODocs V47).

In the Comments tab, the comments are now grouped by time period (similarly to the last access time of libraries on the AODocs homepage).


  • The count of document in views with a large number of documents (over 1000) was incorrect, and therefore misleading. The count is now approximative.
  • The pop-up for transitioning multiple documents at once from views has been visually improved.

  • In a view, when UFO users select a single document with only one attachment and then select Edit/view attachments, the attachment opens directly.

For administrators

Document page

For all users, the Hidden properties panel has been merged with the list of properties. New icons identify hidden fields and read-only fields (which can only be edited by administrators).

For administrators, a switch is available to hide the hidden properties from the current display.

Administrators can now export a single document from Team Folder and Secured Folder libraries to Document Management libraries.

The Export feature in views has been revamped. (The Export feature in the document page was revamped in AODocs V47).

Administrators can add a comment when they force a pending parallel transition.

Changes to the administrator interface

Previously, outdated category values were displayed in views (in the Browse by panel and the Filters panel). There is a new setting in the view configuration to choose to ignore outdated category values in the end-user interface.





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