Cross Library Relations

We have a use case where Budget Requests generate Project Memos. These two document classes are in different libraries because Finance and City Management wanted to be able to administrate and control the documents for themselves. We would like to relate the requests to the memos to be able to find them easier.



  • Thanks for the feedback Katelyn! Your feature request raised a question on the role required by the creator of such a relation:

    • who should be entitled to set up these cross library relations (as of now only a library administrator can set up a relation)
      - should it be a super admin?
      - should it be a user who is admin of both libraries?

    Looking forward to your insight.

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  • Hello Thibault,

    Thank you for considering this enhancement! I would recommend that a user with admin permissions be able to set up these relations. Currently for us, IT admins will be the ones setting up these relations, however maintenance of the library is handled in part by a group of well-trained business users. They are likely to makes changes to the configuration of the relations such as the columns that display and the name of the relation as we feel out what is most useful to our end users. I am also hopeful that our library count will continue to grow and the business users can take additional ownership of their processes and add relations for themselves.




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  • Is it something that is gonna be add to AoDocs or is it already possible using custom scripts? We have the exact same situation here. While our approved vendor documentation are in one library, correction action requests for these vendors are in another librabry. We would like to be able to have relation between these two document classes. 

    Also, I would agree with Katelyn on the fact that a user with admin permissions should be able to set up these relations!

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  • I say that the one who should be entitled to set up these cross library relations might be a super -administrator OR auser that is admin of both libraries.

    I' also craving for this option to be added to AODocs!!

    I have an "Accounting" library and a "Device History Records" library and I would like to link invoices with "PO" and "Receiving Inspection Reports".

    I have a "Quality Management System" library and I would like to be able to link some procedures to "Manufacturing Plans" that are in the "Device History RecordsÉ library.

    I have "Non-Conformity Reports" in the "CAPA log" library that I would like to link to the "Approved Vendor List" in the "Device History Records" library.


    In short terms, I have up to 12 libraries with different document classes so it's obvious that a need for relations between library exists.

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  • Hello, any news about this feature ? Thank you


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  • Dear,

    I am very interested in this.

    Can I get an update?



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  • Dear @...

    Is this something you are working on for a future version of AODocs.

    It could be very helpful for our scope.

    Thanks for the reply.


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  • Thanks a lot everyone for your comments and your interest!

    Cross-libraries relations are not yet scheduled on the roadmap. We plan on reworking the relations this year to improve the UX and the performances, and this requirement fits in the broader picture of this rework. We cannot provide any ETA for now, but we will keep you udpated as soon as we look at it more closely.

    Best regards,

    Marine, AODocs Head of Product

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  • Hello all 
    is there anything new about this case. It would help me a lot.

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