Purging Google Drive of External Users

It is clear in the AODOcs documentation that the files uploaded by an external user (not from the domain of the library) will be uploaded to his google drive and then copied to the account of the library. This is different from the case where the user is on the same domain, the files are not copied, ownership is simply transferred.

While this is clearly indicated, this is very problematic for the following reasons:

  • external users are not supposed to know how to user Google Drive to go and delete the files, they are using AODOCs, the fact that AODOcs is based on google drive should not be a concern for the users

  • external users already have to created a google account on their professional email address, which is already not an easy step (since this requires personal information, it cannot be done for them)

  • even if they could go to the Google Drive of their account, deleting thousands of files in Google Drive is not an easy step, especially with the new google drive that does not give the possibility to select all the files at once.

  • as an administrator of one and soon several libraries, I cannot go and clean the drives of external users myself, they do not belong to our organisation, I should not have to ask their passwords, and I simply do not have the time for this

  • this is a real problem I am experiencing as some users have reached tthe 15Gb storage limit and received an error message on AODOcs (which by the way was not mentioning at all that the drive was full, so it is only after investigation that I found this out).

From the permissions of the apps on Google Drive, it is clear that the AODOcs app has access to the Google Drive of the external user. It is through this that this app upload the file onto the drive, modifies the sharing, edits the description so that AODOcs on the other side can copy the file and then removes the sharing.

It seems therefore that AODOcs app has all the rights to delete the file after.

This needs to be provided by AODOcs.

Should there be a technical reason for not being able to do this, then AODOcs should provide an alternative solution, such as a script that would be triggered at a regular interval and that would delete all the files that have the tag AODOCs_imported in their description for example.

Thank you for enabling this at the earliest.




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