Render Source Document in PDF Feature

AODocs is working great to manage our company documents, but it's missing one feature I had at another company where I used a product called Documentum to manage documents.  It had a feature called "Render in pdf".  Would it be possible to add that feature in AODocs? Here's how it worked:

Two files were stored in each document management container.     One was the source file (MSWord, Excel, etc.)  and the other was a pdf version.  The pdf version was all that was available to an employee when viewing on the factory floor.   When an employee needed to make a version change, they would make the change to the source file, then would click on "Render in pdf"' and the system would create a pdf version of the source and replace the pdf version.  The document would then be routed around for approval.  

With AODocs, a person can use UFO to update the source file, but then needs to save as pdf outside of AODocs,  then upload and replace.




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