Pre-Release Announcement: AODocs V47

Dear AODocs users,

We’re pleased to announce that AODocs version 47 is planned to be released soon (mid June 2018).

Please find below the list of changes and features that will impact the end-user and administrator experience.

This post is a preliminary, non-exhaustive list of the features launching with AODocs version 47. The actual features and updates in the final release may differ from the ones listed below. Subscribe to our Announcement List to receive our Release Notes.

Main changes for end-users

Improvements to the document page

We’ve made the following improvements to the document page: 

  • In Document Management libraries, we've made it easier for users to attach files to AODocs documents. There's now a single button in the sidebar (and in the Attachments section). A popup opens with the choices for attaching files.
    Visible by: Contributors (in Document Management libraries only) 
    Category: Changed elements in existing screen
  • Users can now access full information about completed parallel transitions. We added a button See details in the Transitions panel which opens a history popup. Users can see who validated the parallel transition and when, plus any comments.
    Visible by: Users 
    Category: New element in existing screen
  • When users reopen a document, the workflow Transitions and Comments panel remains expanded or collapsed, according to how it was previously set by the user.
  • In the list of Versions, users can see who created each version.
    Visible by: Users
    Category: New element in existing screen

Improvements to relations

We’ve made the following improvements to the relations feature:

  • In Document Management libraries users can now create related documents (items) from document templates. From a single popup, users can choose to:
    • add an existing document as a related item
    • create a new related item either as a blank document or from a template
  • We reviewed the text in the relations section to improve usability.
    Visible by: Contributors
    Category: New elements in existing screen

Feature improvements for administrators

Improvements to relations

Administrators can define which relations are displayed in the document page and specify their order (by document class).

Improvements to filters in views

Administrators can:

  • activate user filters for String fields (exact search) and reference catalog values 
  • set up filters (not visible to users) to restrict the display of documents according to whether there is a value or not for a given field

Workflow configuration

  • We've extended the workflow condition for Person fields.
  • Administrators can turn off (mute) all notifications sent by a workflow.
  • Administrators can add descriptions to workflow states. The descriptions appear in the new Administrator actions menu; they aren't displayed to end-users.


  • Administrators can set the title of documents to be read-only at the class level.
  • Administrators can restrict who can see the recent activity on the document page (library level setting).

Main changes for administrators

Workflow actions from the document page

We've added a popup where administrators can access the following workflow actions from the document page:

  • override workflow validation to finalize the current parallel transition (if any)
  • force the workflow to a different state without performing a transition
    Visible by: Administrators
    : Changed elements in existing screen
  • The Export feature in the document page has been revamped.
    Visible by: Administrators 
    Category: Changed elements in existing screen


Library administration

We’ve revamped the following screens in the library configuration:

  • Manage roles
    Visible by:
    Changed elements in existing screen
  • Deleted documents (library trash)
    Visible by: Administrators 
    Category: Changed elements in existing screen



  • Polish is no longer supported.
  • Hungarian and Italian are still supported but are no longer updated.


  • Bad news reading that Italian language is still supported but no longer updated.

    The effect, right now, it that interface has a confusing mix of Italian/English languages.

    From my point of view, it would be better to fully dismiss Italian localization instead of no longer update it.

    Best of all if you revise your plans and continue to fully update for our language too!!!


    Best regards.

    Massimo Pioli

    Exelis Srl a Socio Unico


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  • Hello Massimo,
    Thanks for your comment. Good news: we've decided to fully translate AODocs and the Smartbar into Italian! We don't yet have an ETA, but we're working on it. 
    Best regards, 
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  • This is a nice announcement for Italiian market.
    Well done!

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