Apply permissions to files as well as folders in Secured Folders

At present, if I want a user to be able to edit documents in SubFolder A, I have to give the Edit permissions at the Root Folder.  But this means that they can add, edit and delete files in the Root folder.  I can prevent them adding/changing/deleting folders but not files.  Can you extend the permission so that you can say that only Admins can make any changes (including files) except in a subfolder where you have been given edit permissions?



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  • In Secured Folder you can activate the following option that would probably work for you:

    In Library Configuration > Categories > Folders > Properties 

    You then have an option called: "Only admins can edit the root folder:"

    Try activating this option, and the root folder will be locked for both documents and folder creations at the root level unless you are an administrator.

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