A great feature would be to be able to define signature fields in metadata in order to be able to capture 'wet' signatures.



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    Hello Ray, Jeremy,

    The AODocs Docusign Connector has been launched. For more information, please, refer to this post:

    Have a good day.

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  • Hello Ray,

    Thank you for your feedback!

    We are currently working with another G Suite recommended Partner: Docusign to integrate their awesome digital signature system into AODocs. The integration will allow you to have workflows where the users will be able to assign someone to validate/sign the document, the user will then open the same document in Docusign, sign it, and have the signed document follow the next workflow steps.

    We will keep you updated on this integration, and you will hear about it early next year!

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  • Hi Thibault

    I'll be very keen to hear about this integration, including documentation, when it becomes available.

    Perhaps the integration might also support a feature such as: From within the DocuSign UI, once a document is fully signed, the user can select a button to save the document into AODocs - whether that be the Secured Folders or Document Management Libraries.


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  • Long awaited feature. What is the ETA for Docusign integration ?



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  • Looked at the DocuSign option.  Not really what I'm looking for and way too expensive.  A simple signature field type defined within the document class would be more appropriate.

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