Choose or change the class of imported documents


I have a secured folder with two classes.

I have imported folders from drive and all the imported documents were assigned the default class of the library. But as you can imagine, my folders contained documents from the 2 classes..

When I am bulk importing the documents I would like:
- A priori, to select which class to assign to which document
- A posteriori, to be able to change the class of the imported documents




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    I'm happy to announce that with the Release 50 of AODocs we introduced the possibility to export a document to another class of the same library (or another one).

    Learn more here:

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  • Hi! 

    I'm facing the same problem on a Secured folder too...


    Anyone with some tips?


    Best Regards

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  • Change the default class before importing documents and then import one class at a timer.


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  • I've made some tests since then, if you create a view of a class, once your are in the view, you can upload your documents and they will be uploaded with the class associated to the view.

    That allows you to be able to upload documents in one class without changing the default class each time. 


    Thanks for your support Susan!

    Best Regards,

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  • I found the below procedure to be the only way to change the document class of a file within an AODocs library.


    1. Navigate to AODocs library
    2. Navigate to the document list or view containing the documents to be recategorized
    3. Place a check on the documents to be recategorized
    4. Click the three dots for more actions in the options bar that appears above the files
    • A drop-down list will appear > Click export a menu will appear with two options:
      • Give back the ownership to a user
      • Transfer to another library
    • Select Give back the ownership to a user
    • Enter name or email of the destination user
    • Documents will be migrated to the user’s Drive
    • Click Export
    • You can now re-import the file into the AODocs library with the correct class
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  • Changing the document class is something we'd like to be able to do in a Document Management Library, where you cannot export/import files.

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  • I agree with Katelyn. Changing class in a Document Management Library is the one thing my users ask for again and again.

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  • Would the upcoming feature in V49 that allows administrators to export documents in a Document Management library solve this problem?

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  • We would also like the ability to change a document class in a document management library. We would like to have a 'holding place' for documents that have not yet been properly filed, eg. class=TBD. A user would then periodically be able to go through that holding place and file documents and apply metadata properly.  Currently, documents are held in a Google Drive folder until they're ready to be moved and filed properly into AODocs. It would be great if the end user is using one less system on the front end.  Several users have requested this feature.

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  • I'm happy to announce that with the next release of AODOcs (Release 50), we will bring the feature to export a document from one class to another in the same library. Thus resolving the "a posteriori" situation raised by Guillaume.

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  • We will be importing on a frequent basis  from email and drive in the different classes a library. It is very unhandy to first have to import into the default and next export it to the desired class. Why not be able to choose the library AND class directly? This eliminates a lot of (double) work for users.

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