Workflow improvements - minimum transition time, sub-workflows, improved transitions

  • Could the minimum transition time for a workflow (currently 5 minutes) be lowered? We sometimes need to pass a document through a state to send a notification, but then need to move the document along through the workflow for further action. If a user expects to be able to do something but can't in this 5 minute window, that can be confusing.
  • Ability to have workflows appear nested in the administration - for example if a document from initial state goes to state X based on metadata A, or state Y based on metadata B and then through an approval workflow, this appears as a long and confusing list of states in the workflow menu. (see screenshot)
  • Improved transitions in workflows - Things like if...and statements (currently would have to run document through multiple states to achieve this) and ability to use more fields (eg document creator)


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  • For your first point you can speed that transition by having the condition to move to the next step be something the system can automatically check. We have our notification only states transition when one of the fields is not blank. 

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