flexibility to forward other types of document owner notifications to AODocs library administrator

Currently AODocs has the ability to forward access requests to designated library administrators. As you change the administrators of a library, the access request forwarding is updated to match.

We use other Google-integrated products that notify document owners (for example: CloudLock, which can notify a document owner based on a pre-set policy, such as when a file that contains credit card numbers is shared publicly). However, since a requirement of AODocs is for the owner of a document to be switched to an AODocs storage account, the ability for other products to notify the document owner is no longer possible. The notification is sent, but is received by the AODocs storage account and not forwarded to anyone.

The feature request would be for AODocs to build support for identifying other kinds of automated notifications meant for a document owner, and forwarding them to the designated AODocs library administrator(s). This functionality would mirror what is currently achieved for Google Drive file access requests.




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