Customise Labels on Validation Dialog Screen

When somebody sends a document for review, the standard validation dialog has the label "Leave a comment". It would be useful if we could change the wording of this label to suit the particular workflow. For example, we would like to be able to change this label to "Summarise the change". Also, it would be useful in managing our Quality System if we could add checkboxes or picklists to the dialog. One example is tracking all changes that relate to a Corrective Action. 



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    We released this feature within our last version of AODocs (Release 48).

    You can now edit the text the users will see when performing the workflow action. It is available for configuration in the user actions section under the "Comment text" field.

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  • Hello Rob,

    Thanks again for your post. It is a very interesting feature request. We have submitted it to our User Experience team to see how we can integrate it to the workflow process and configuration. I'll update you when we hear back from them.

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