Ability to add "Dynamic" fields that would trigger/define subsequent fields

Dynamic fields meaning that based on the value in field "A", metadata for the doc uses another template. Example on right shows different types of documentation created for various projects. Some members of the group want to see data by project.However, each type of doc is distinctly different and you are forced to use different document classes and it doesn't allow you to view by project.



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    Hi all, 

    Many thanks for all your messages, and for sharing your use cases! 

    I believe all of those can be addressed with conditionally hidden (& mandatory) properties, a feature we have released this very week, as part of the latest AODocs version -V56! 

    Feel free to check out the release note, and the associated KB article.  

    We really hope those new features will help you meet your needs, and we stay at your disposal should you want to discuss them. 

    Best Regards, 

    Adrien, for the AODocs Product Team  

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  • I think this is one important feature that I would also appreciate to have in the Libraries that I manage.

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  • This will be a very useful functionality. I have similar requirements, where based on the value in a given field i choose, i need to have a different template. If field1 has Value A then must use template A which might have different list of subsequent metadata. If field1 has Value B then must use template B which might have different subsequent metadata. 

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