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There is no way to print all the history of a workflow directly. Users need to have this feature
Need sort by: date and time (instead of 3 weeks before), users, actions, need actions reports

AH 16/05: Ticket opened

Review 20/05: workaround: bookmarklet exists to export document history in CSV.
Please check bookmarkets here:

09/06: consider to add this feature to the new design



  • Hello Sarah,

    Indeed, for the moment we only provide this feature using the bookmarklet

    As a small tip from the user interface on the document history, if you hover your mouse on the "3 days ago" the exact date and time will be displayed.

    Let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you for your post.


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  • Hello Thibault,

    We already tried to answer this need by using the bookmarklet but it's clearly not enough.

    Our users ask to have a print button to keep a trace of all activities related to the validation of one document.

    It would then be really useful to have at least the possibility to display all the history in one unique page. 

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  • Hi,

    we need this feature urgently too.

    In case of an audit we MUST have the possibility to prove the history of events for a single document very precisely. For example, "3 days ago" is not sufficient, the log should say "on XXX at YYY". And we need to have the possibility to print the complete history.

    Thank you,


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  • Fully agree with Jochen and Herve.

    Thibault, we are not concerned about checking one document, we are concerned about being able to track properly the different validation steps.

    I may have 1,000 documents that need to go through approval. Even if I was to consider a very simplified workflow with 4 states on top of the inital one "Issued" "Approved" "Rejected" "Re-issued", I need to be able to extract the dates for each step, and for each workflow cycle to be able to: a) know if a document is stuck in one state for too long b) check a posteriori for statistics but also disputes how long each party took.

    This is a key feature that needs to come with the workflow.

    At the moment, at best with the bookmarklet we can extract something, but this is not very usable and needs a lot of conversion with an export of the documents as well to get back the properties and not just the document ID, plus the version is not in the bookmaklet export, only the version change .... I cannot spend all this time when I have to have on a weekly basis the status of my Master Document Register.

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