Filter trash by folder

It can be good to filter the trash by folder or metadata.
It can be useful to have the folder in the columns


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    Hello Yann,

    With the release 44, we allowed you to explore the AODocs trash by folder.

    We will probably not implement the trash metadata filter because the trash can contain documents from different classes which do not have the same metadata.

    Let us know if you are happy with the improvement we have made with the folders in trash!

    Have a good day.

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  • Hello Yann,

    Thank you for your post, we see 2 features requests in your input:

    1. be able to restore a folder structure

    2. administrators are able to see trashed documents from the view interface

    For 1. several clients provided the same feedback and we are currently working on this feature.

    For 2. our product manager has taken into account your feedback and we will collect more from other clients.

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