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Customize the visual aspect of the smart bar

As an administrator I would like to customize the visual aspect of the smartbar introducing, lines, labels, ordering the Libraries as I decide, using tabs...

Something like this:


instead of this: 



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    Hello Ander,

    Thank you for your input and especially the screenshots.

    Currently labels can be applied to library from the AODocs interface:

    Would the integration of this feature in the Drive interface answer your need ?

    We are currently considering your feedback and we are looking into how to integrate the labels in the library picker.

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  • First of all Thanks for your answer.

     The labels from the AODOCs interface could be enough to group different libraries under the same label if you integrate them in the library picker. Actually I´m creating libraries without any content just to use them as labels and create a hierarchy look. The 1.1, 1.2 ... in the library names are just to order them but it is a problem when I need a new library and sometimes I have to change the name to the rest. It would be good to order the libraries in the library picker as needed without any dependency of the name. 
    I don´t know how do you intend to integrate labels in the library picker, the real need is to create a hierarchy structure between the libraries, this hierarchy could be of one lebel using the first label of the library or more lebels if the library has more than one label. Anyway any change to improve will be good.
    library 1
    library 2
    library 3
    library 4


    library 5
    library 6
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