Prevent download and copy for all files under a given folder

When we are in exclusive negociaiton with a third party and need to share information, it would be convinient to be able to create a list of folders / sub folders  / files in AODOCS in order to share them to the third party,

A first phase consists in sharing within the organization to collect the files, then to review them, then to make them read only / prevent print, copy and download and share with third party.

Later, when the deal is closed, we need to remove this protection so that they can download.



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    Hello François,

    I am happy to announce that with the version 42 of AODocs launched today, we now offer the possibility to prevent viewers from downloading, copying and printing at the folder, class and library level.

    Please let us know what you think about it!

    Have a great day.

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  • Great feature request!

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  • Hello François,

    After discussion, the engineering team has decided to create the feature you suggested in your post.

    We plan to implement the prevent download and copy for all documents:
    - in a specific library
    - of specific class
    - in a specific folder
    - in a specific workflow state

    We are currently working on the technical specifications, and we don't have an ETA to communicate. But the more people will vote for this feature, the faster we will integrate it in our product.
    Let us know if you have any further comments.

    Thank you for raising this issue

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  • Yep this would be VERY useful!

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