Security: Viewers can't download, copy or print

With release 62 it is possible to download documents massively with the Beta view. This is a really nice functionality.

Then if you want to restrict this option, in the security settings of the document class you may allow or not allow viewers to download the documents. The issue in this case is that this setting also includes the permission to copy and print documents.

I would like to request to split this security setting, so I can restrict viewers to download, but I can authorize them to print.

The reason is that this document class contains a manual with a huge amount of information which is a key asset in the organization. We would not like to have copies downloaded in the computers of each employee to avoid that this key asset is shared outside our organization.

On the other hand, to facilitate the work of our users we would like to allow printing one document when necessary. 

Then the request would be to separate the security setting "Viewers can't download, copy or print" as follows:

  • Viewers can't download
  • Viewers can't copy
  • Viewers can't print

the following would also be ok to cover our requirement and maybe it is easier to be done:

  • Viewers can't download
  • Viewers can't copy, print

Thank you in advance and best regards





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