Show folder name and structure of the library for all library members

For example, in a library named "TEST", there are following folders:

Folder 1

Folder 2 

Folder 3

Folder 4

I share folder 2 and folder 3 to my colleague, and folder 1 and 4 are not shared. 

So for my colleague, he can see folder 2 and folder 3, but he doesn't know actually folder 2 and folder 3 are both from the library "TEST". Which means, the person who is shared with the folders can only see the folder they are shared with, but they cannot see:

  • where is the folder from
  • what are the links of the folders shared

So we really really really need a function like this:

For all people who can access library "TEST", they can see the folder name and structure of this library. Then for the folders they are shared with, they can open. For folders they are not shared with, when they click on the folder, it can show a pop-up window indicating that "Please request for access for this folder".

Thank you!




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