Automatic Locking and Unlocking of Folders

I work in a company where we use AODocs to share the monthly financial results between each region. We have a folder for each region that we cover and inside we have sub-folders for each month of the year, that way we can have the balance sheet for January and the p/l for February in their respective folders and easy to find.

The main issue we have found with this system is that some people will save the document in the wrong month sub-folder, meaning we find the January balance sheet in the April sub-folder. The only solution we have currently found is to manually restrict permissions for each sub-folder. This is a massive maintenance problem, we have somebody at the start of every month that has to remove the permission for the month before and then add permission on the current month. This is a massive waste of time and resources, knowing that in our case we cover all of Africa and Asia, so we have a lot of regions!

The feature we would love to see implemented is an automatic way of locking and unlocking folders on specific dates set by the admins. Meaning that on February 1st the system would close the January sub-folder and open the February sub-folder. Even if people are late to hand in documents, it is much easier to have an admin manually add in one document for a sub-folder than having to always change the permissions.

We believe this feature would be great and save a lot of time for companies and users of AODocs. Would love to see this implemented in the next updates.

Thank you for the great system and I hope this helps to improve it!




  • Hi Thomas, 

    Thanks for your detailed feature request. Could I ask you if you're using Secured Folders, Team Folders or Document Management libraries? We're interested to know more about how your data is organised - for example, if you're in a Document Management library, do you use metadata?



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  • Hi Catherine,

    Currently we are using Document Management libraries, however we do not use any metadata. Would metadata allow us to restrict the type of documents that can go in each folder?

    We just started using AODocs and therefore we do not have full knowledge of what we can do. Our folders are just taken care of by the admins and permissions are updated regularly to make sure that only the right people access folders.

    I hope this extra information about us not using metadata has helped you!

    Thank you,


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