Team Drives vs AODocs?

Google Team Drives have been available for a few weeks now, and they overlap in some functionality w/ AODocs. Is/will there be any issues using them? (What happens if a user tries to link/import an TD file into an AODoc?) Can/will AODocs libraries be hosted on them? Etc.

The only thing I could find on the support site is the one blurb on a smartbar changelog: "Hotfix: As AODocs does not support Team Drive content, we remove the Smartbar buttons from Team Drive folders and from files stored in Team Drive." which isn't encouraging...



  • Hello Matthew,
    Thank you for your question.
    As you have mentioned, Team Drive has been released for a few weeks now and this new feature is still young. We have been working with the Google Drive engineering team for several months.
    We have already integrated our AwesomeDrive Chrome extension and our new Universal File Opener (still in beta) with Team Drive so you can open any file stored in a Team Drive directly on your computer corresponding application.
    Our engineers are working on further integrating AODocs to Google Drive, including Team Drive.
    Please let us know how you would like to see AODocs being integrated to Team Drive.
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  • I am interested to read comments from Matthew & Thibault. Our company is trying to determine whether it is better to use Team Drive or Team Folder Libraries. I think that it is a matter of what suits your needs best.

    Has anyone compared the two products to determine whether one solution is better than the other? It seems that having all options available may be confusing for users. Any comments?

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  • I see it like this: Google Drive is great for personal stuff and ad-hoc collaborating. Team Drives is good for smaller teams that need shared ownership, unified permissions and a little bit of organization. AODocs is for structured file and document management, teams that need workflow, sensitive documents that need a detailed audit trail, etc.

    However, there might be a bug between AODocs and Team Drives. I posed this on the G+ community, too, but we have tested moving files from AODocs library into a team drive and the AODocs breadcrumb still is retained. But only if you have the AODocs SmartBar installed. Is that standard or a bug?

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  • Hello Scott, 
    Thank you for your posts in this community and Google+.

    As mentioned, I would recommend you to follow these steps described in this procedure:

    What you experience in the screenshot you provided is expected if the file is not owned by the storage account anymore (when it is moved a Team Drive).

    I will follow up with you through a ticket to explain how to restore the situation.


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