Domain administration - Improvements to licensing section

I'd like to request the following improvements to the domain administration - licensing section:

  1. sort by user last name (currently is sorted by user first name)
  2. when you navigate to the next page, you should be directed to the top of the next page (currently you are directed to the bottom of the next page)
  3. header row (column headings) should remain visible as you scroll down the list
  4. add a new column to display the date when a licence was assigned
  5. ability to export the entire list to a CSV format file


  • Official comment

    Hello Bart and Jeremy,

    With the AODocs Licenses Spreadsheet Add-on, you can now easily extract your licenses and sort, reorganize them using the spreadsheet functionalities. Tell us if it fits your needs!

    Have a great day.

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  • It would also be great if licenses of users that we remove from our Google domain are automatically released, i.e. if someone leaves the organization, their license should be released.

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  • Hello Bart,

    Regarding your last comment, we do run a daily check to remove every user that has been completely deleted from your G Suite domain. If the user is still in suspended mode, we leave the license in case the user is reactivated. Let our support know if you are having issues with this.

    Have a good day.

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