DML > Ability to rename or star an attached file directly from AODocs UI

It would be good to have the ability to rename or star an attached file directly from the AODocs UI, as per this screenshot

Currently you have to select "Open in a new tab" which takes you to the Drive UI where you can select 3-dots menu > rename/star, as per this screenshot:



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    We released this feature in release 46!
    You can now rename an attachment directly from the AODocs interface.

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  • Hello Jeremy,

    Thank you for your contribution. Can you please explain what is the usage of starring an attachment knowing that the attachments of the Document Management Library are not displayed in a folder structure in Google Drive?

    For the renaming of attachments, we agree that it is an improvement we should include. Thanks!

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  • Thanks Thibault!

    Starring an attachment allows a user to access it easily from their Google Drive interface, which is often a preference for users.

    Great to know that it sounds like renaming is on the roadmap.


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  • Hello Jeremy,

    Our engineering team is currently working on this feature. Stay tuned for the coming releases!

    Have a good day.

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