An quality UID document string calculated via other metadatas from the document

Our qualitician managers want to manage a "UID Quality document" string calculated via the values of other fields in the document.

Example :

if document type is "Procedure" and the site is "Paris" and an incremental field is 11 then the UID quality is PRO-PAR-12

Procédure = PRO

Paris = PAR

Number = incremental+1

Qualitycians are accustomed to using quality documentation management applications that carry this function.

This also means that a field type of incremental number type would be required.



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    With the release 54 launched this week, the calculated fields feature is officially out of beta and can answer your request of creating a unique ID field:

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  • Hello Ignacio,

    Thank you for your post and the Hangout. As discussed, in your example, "Procédure" and "Paris" refer to categories and "PRO" &"PAR" refer to the short name associated with the category's value.
    Excellent use case, thanks for sharing, the product team is looking at it!

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  • I agree with you

    Just like in a MySQL database, it would be useful to have a metadata field that autoincrements at every new document

    Even better would be to have CONCAT fields where you can merge 2-3 fields together to form a unique field.

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  • With the release 53 launched this week, we bring the first step of calcultated properties:

    Using calculated properties and the new sequence ID (unique to every document) will allow to create this ID of document that you suggested.

    We are currently in a closed beta, if you are interested to join it, reach out to and we'll come back to you.

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