Secured Folder Library - Setting "can comment" permission

In a secured folder library, when setting a document permissions so that a user has "can comment" access, I first have to add their name in in the AODocs Permissions tab and set it to "can view", then I have to navigate to the Additional Permissions tab and set that same user to "can comment". My request is, can it please be changed so that all I have to do is add the user in one location and assign their access level, rather than effectively having to do it twice?



  • Hello Jeremy,
    Actually, in Secured Folders, you should already be able to give "Can comment" permissions to a user from the Document Permissions (not the Additional permissions). The only pre-requisite is that the user has at least "Can view" in the library permissions.

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  • Not Sure if this is a limitation of Google docs but it would be great if 'can comment' could be set at a folder level so any document added inherits that permission.


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  • Hi Duncan,

    You are right, it is currently a limitation on the Google folder level where they can not be shared in "Can comment". Nonetheless, this limitation is only used when AODocs is leaving the permissions being inherited by the folder. We only do this in Team Folders, so we could technically apply this to Secured Folder and Document Management Libraries.

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