Allow Check-in and Check-out of Documents in Secured Folders from Drive UI

It would be extremely valuable if users could check-in and check-out documents in a Secured Folder library from the Google Drive UI which would prevent users from switching back and forth between the AODocs interface and Drive UI (w/Smartbar extension).



  • Hello Derrick,

    I understand the extra steps required to perform the Check-out/Check-in and that it would be much faster to have the integration directly from Google Drive. We will consider this enhancement based on the votes and feedback.

    Thank you for the contribution.

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  • I work on a design team. We are constantly creating mockups for designs. We also are constantly uploading design documents. As we work with devs, we have many changes. Each change requires that we download the sketch file from our drive folder, update it. Save it. Then send it back up to the drive. Meanwhile, others on the team may need to make a change too... They have no way of knowing if I already have the file downloaded to my machine. Seems like basic basic file check-in/check-out mechanism is a no brainer. I'm an apple/google guy, but this is something Microsoft had right. 

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