Ability to display documents in a view based on date field which is always within previous timeframe

We would like to display documents in a view based on a date field, and have documents display if their date value is within X time period of today's date. E.g., show me every document in Y class that has its date field within last 7 days or 30 days or other customisable range.

Currently we have a view which we have to modify periodically to ensure it displays the correct documents.

Each month we have to update this view by changing the date field to the next month. If we had our feature request applied, we'd be able to set this view to say "date approved within the last 30 days" etc.



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    With the Release 53 launched this week, you can now use pre-filter in your views on dates based on a timeframe relative to the current date.

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  • We are currently working on this topic to be able to set up views where the date pre-filters can be relative to today +/- a certain number of days.

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