Enhance the Smartbar Gmail Import to store a PDF of the original email

Currently, when a email is imported from Gmail using the Smartbar, the content of the email is stored in a Google Doc.

This has the content but, it is not a facsimile of the original email and doesn't indicate what was attached in that original email.

The request is to create and store a PDF of the original email and if possible embed the attachments within the PDF so that a user would be able to open the PDF and then open the original attachments from the PDF.

Although the attachments are stored in the folder, they can be modified.



  • Official comment

    With the latest release of the Smartbar (10) you can now export the emails in PDF. We hope you like the feature!

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  • Hello David,

    Thank you for your feedback. We had already planned to allow users to save the content of the email in a PDF, so we are definitely aligned with that.

    Regarding the embedding of the attachments within the same PDF, it is interesting and we would like to hear the feedback of others clients to prioritize it.

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  • We have many Secured Folders where end users cannot create folders, so the ability to save the email body as a PDF file with embedded attachments would be ideal.

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  • We would like to see this improvement also!

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