Being able to switch from an administrator role to a contributor role

Hello AODocs team,

Would it be possible to have a button on AODocs (next to Administration button for example) to be able to switch from an administrator role to a contributor role?

This would be admin friendly, we could see what happens when being only contributor without admin rights and it would be also useful to avoid mistakes. In our company, we have multiple libraries and we have a few administrators per library, but often, only one or 2 are really administrating it, the other ones are more in back-up roles, in case of holidays or sick leave.

Hope to see this feature request live one day!

Have a nice weekend!

Céline Mahé



  • Hello Celine, 
    This feature is interesting and seems helpful. It is not planned at the moment but we are discussing it internally.
    Would you rather switch from one role to another or switch from one user to another, to see what a specific user can see and access? 
    Thank you for your feedback!

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  • I'd like to be able to impersonate any person with access to the library. It would help solving issues with support faster.

    Also, the administrator should see everything. Eg: All possible transitions, all documents in all states (workflow)...

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  • Hello Jérémy,

    Thank you for your answer (sorry for the delay... I was on holidays).

    Good to hear that you interested in.

    In my feature request, I had in mind the switch from a role to another. Basically to be able to switch between Céline "Admin" and Céline "Contributor" (and even maybe Céline "Reader").

    I would also imagine that, when entering in the library, the role by default would be "Contributor" - still in order to avoid mistakes. That the persons has to change his/her role to admin before to act as an admin.

    In my opinion, this option is more important that to be able to switch from one user to another. At least for our company, if someone has difficulties in AODocs, I launch a hangout if necessary to see his/her screen.

    Moreover, if this was possible (to switch from an user to another one), we, as an admin, shouldn't be able to act on the workflow or modify any metadata, just the right to see. Why? In our case, we need to prove who validated documents and when, so if the admin can approve on behalf of someone, it isn't correct - in my opinion to dangerous, except if only rights to see. In that case (only rights to see), it can be helpful for the admin to see what someone specific can see, for example, one of the other feature request I have made is "to see only the views on the homepage for which you have rights to see the documents inside the view", then as an admin, I could check easily that the settings are correctly done or if some metadata could be uncorrect.

    Hope my comments help, if you have any others questions, please feel free!

    Have a nice afternoon.

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  • It will also avoid that when an admin look at a document (when Google documents attached) that the "last modified by..." change for the name of the admin even the admin did nothing.

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  • Being able to switch between admin and contributor is a must. 

    Nevertheless, as an individual I'm still member of the same permission granting groups, regardless of the role I play. 

    I'd need this to check views and accesses of my users, without bothering them anytime I need additional information for debugging. 

    I understand your concerns. But as responsible administrators, we won't act on behalf of our users unless asked to and we would comment our actions on the documents :D

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  • This feature would also be very useful in an audit situation. Often, we have to show auditors that we run a controlled document system, however as admin, I can see archived documents in our library, and I need to explain to the auditor that it is due to my role.

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  • This feature would be so helpful. Helps admins to perform initial UAT without the need to involve other people. 

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  • What is the progress on implementing a "View as___" feature for administrators?

    As mentioned, would help us tremendously with troubleshooting any user concerns and ensuring any workflow changes will work from the user's POV.

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  • This functionality is very much needed- it's a basic tool for the admin to reproduce users actions and understand the system usage. 

    Is there any updates if and when this feature will be available? I see its opened from 2017...

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