Configure the Smartbar in Gmail so it does not create new folders for each attachment you save

Since the release V5.0 of the Smartbar which makes it easier to upload attachments to AOdocs, the import process now creates a folder based on the subject line.

I propose the following:

1) ability to turn off folder creation when uploading an attachment

2) ability to give the folder a custom name

a subject line of:

"RE: (External) tomorrow's meeting" has never in the life of folder creations made sense

3) ability to rename the attachment (scanned from xerox scanner.pdf again is not a great name

Thank you




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    We have added this feature in our roadmap! Stay tuned for updates.

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  • Hello Rogier, 

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Regarding the import without folder creation, how would you expect the product to behave ? Here are some ways I had in mid:

    a. all the attachments are imported at the same location, next to each other
    b. for every attachment of the email, the smartbar asks you the location you want to import (can be different libraries, different folders)
    c. you would have an attachment selection window to allow you to import one or more to a specific location


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  • hi Thibault

    Option c) it gives you full choice and options to do with the attachment what you like (with ability to rename the file as well)

    I can see certain scenarios where you would want to save down the email body and its attachments and I agree a folder creation in that case makes sense so it is all contained in 1 folder (body and attachments) but also give the option to rename the folder

    looking forward to seeing this implemented at some stage if possible


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  • Has any further work been done on this feature request?

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