Run the file templating service

The file templating service lets you replaces placeholders in Google documents, Google spreadsheets, Google slides, Word files and PDF forms with properties (metadata) – for example, system or custom property values.

Note: Application Platform customers have access to the file templating service. To access the article explaining how to configure the file templating service, contact your AODocs sales representative or send an email to

1. Create or open a document in the document class which has the file templating service available. 

2. In your document, make sure the properties used in the file templating service have values.

In our example, the following properties are used in the file templating service: 

  • Policy ID
  • Quality manager
  • Site
  • Tech manager

3. Open the custom actions menu and run the file templating service. 

In our example, the AODocs document has three Google file attachments. They all contain placeholders for the file templating service. 


When you run the file templating service, the placeholders are replaced with the values of the corresponding properties.

Note: The script skips any non-compliant attachments.

image02.pngPlaceholders in an attachment

Placeholders replaced with values in the attachment

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  • Excellently scripted use case. Well done AODocs.

    And thank you for giving us an opportunity to test the template service last quarter. We have already begun presenting a number of fully functioning proofs of concepts for consideration.

    Great stuff

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  • Thanks a lot Eugene! Glad to hear that! What business use cases does this feature help you with?

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  • Can we have placeholders for relation documents too? This is to populate all the relation document data into a single spreadsheet.

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  • Hi Debashree,
    Thanks for your question. It's not currently possible to use placeholders for relation documents. Feel free to post a feature request in our community

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