Email to AODocs DMS: Specify Metadata Values

Hi Team,

At present the 'email into AODocs' functionality will create a document and upload the attachments, and gives basic control over how to handle the email body text. 

A very nice enhancement would be to allow advanced users to configure metadata properties and specify them in the email subject.

So for example, if in my DMS I have some metadata associated with the file like "Type" and "Priority" I could create those categories and properties on the document class, then send my email in with a subject like this:

to: ""

subject: "${documentTitle}Stockholm Contract 2022 ${document:Type}Contract ${document:Priority}High"

Then the document would be created in AODocs called "Stockholm Contract 2022" with the email attachments attached, and providing the document class has the properties Type and Priority created and are dynamic or already have those values, it would record "Contract" and "High" as their values.

For our use cases, having to go into each document after it has been emailed in and define the metadata manually reduces the value of this feature - if you're going in to edit this you might as well upload the attachment at the same time. If we could include metadata instructions in the email subject then we can create template emails to manage all our use cases and have documents properly filed. It would also let us send automated emails from other applications and have them properly categorised in AODocs.



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  • Interesting; well thought out Matt! I'd adopt the feature if the syntax worked👍

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