Mobile App - Option to "hide" views that are not conducive to mobile app UI.

Being the mobile views only show the Title, it would be helpful to enable the hiding of some  for libraries with lots of views. Conversely, having every view available with only the Title is confusing to users. 

Either way, just some feedback as I love the app itself. Looking forward to showcasing at our annual Quality Summit this summer. Keep up the good work AODOCS



  • Hi Eugene Petersen, thanks a lot for your interest in the AODocs Mobile Application and your comments!

    Indeed, columns and filters are currently not showing in the mobile views. The specified document class(es) and the chosen pre filters are the only specificities left from the web app views which have an impact on the mobile views. We thus understand your request to have the ability to define which views to hide on the mobile app side.

    We are studying the revamp of the view page on mobile app, especially the possibility to customize the information to display.

    We’d love to hear your thoughts on how you expect to be looking for documents in the future with the application! We’ll send you an invitation for a discussion on this topic, we’d love to have the opportunity to discuss in a call depending on your availability.

    Laurent, from the AODocs Product Management team

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  • Dear Eugene Petersen,

    Because we think that administrators create multiple views in order to cover different use cases, we didn’t introduce a way to hide specific views in the mobile application. It would be another additional setting to keep in mind when configuring a library. But we agree with you that having only titles displayed in all available views was confusing for end users. So we decided to introduce with version 8.0 a new display for documents in the view: the four first properties defined at the view level are now displayed in the view page. And we are proud to inform you that we just released the version 9.0, which gives more flexibility to end users: they can now configure the properties they want to display, the criteria to sort on, and the sort order. Last but not the least, this configuration is stored by views and is reused when the user accesses the same view again! We hope this improves your experience. Don’t hesitate to provide us with more feedback!

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