Allow Library Readers to PIN Share Externally (non-Google users)

We have the use case that after a document is published and rights are restricted, we need users with read-only permissions to be able to PIN share that content out. If there's a way to do this natively that would be great, but we could also use a way for workflow and scripting to reach out as an admin to Google Drive to share that content in the same way as well. 


Thank you!



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    Hi Phillip, 

    Many thanks for your question, and for sharing your use case! 

    Unfortunately, one has to be (at least) a document contributor to be able to share attachments with non-Google users. 

    In a coming release, we will provide the ability to script this kind of sharing actions, and to make it available to document readers (via a workflow transition, or a dedicated button in the UI). 

    Let me reach out with a direct email, so that we can elaborate on your need, and discuss a possible solution. 

    Best Regards, 

    Adrien, for the AODocs Product Team 

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