Version sequence ID to be added in the calculation of title.

Document version sequence ID can act as a revision number for the users for a continuous loop workflow



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    Hi Wilson Tan, 

    Thanks a lot for your comment!

    In AODocs V55, we added information coming from the document current version in the context available for formulas.

    You have thus access to the document current version name with the following syntax:

    Does this answer your need?

    These new elements will be available in the dialog formula for a quick insert in the next version, AODocs V56.

    Marine, AODocs Product Manager

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  • Yes, this would answer my need. On the topic of versioning, is there anyway I can make it compulsory for the user to edit / change the version description while using the "New Version Transition" in the workflow? Currently a template msg is "New version created during transition to workflow state 'Updating' "

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  • Unfortunately there are no such things as being able to update the version description while performing a versioning transition. You cannot make the update of the description mandatory, it has to be modified after the transition.

    Do not hesitate to create a new request describing this need!

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